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Thea Boulter
Thea Boulter is a 16 year old Grade 11 student who has lived in Kelowna since she was four years old. She has big dreams of moving away from Kelowna to big cities such as Vancouver, New York, and possibly even London. Currently, she doesn't know what career she would like to pursue, but has hopes to help people and change the world, even just a little bit. 


In her free time, Thea listens to music; her favourite artists being Taylor Swift, Mxmtoon, and Claire Rosinkranz. She also has an odd love for cleaning and organizing, and enjoys when everything around her is tidy. Thea hopes that after high school she will be able to pursue a university-level education in the Arts.  Hopefully she will be able to travel the world and have a New York City apartment with floor to ceiling windows. Thea took Journalism this year because she enjoys writing and hopes that this class will not only improve her writing skills, but will also help her educate herself on current world events. She is very excited to spend the rest of the 10 weeks writing articles and participating in class lessons.

Thea Boulter, Writer

Dec 12, 2019
Is the way we make fun of teenage girls sexist? (Story)
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Thea Boulter