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Tenille Crowe
For Tenille a summer full of sitting in paint, “partying”, and visiting Salt Spring Island with friends was great, but it would have been also happily spent at her grandmother’s cabin where many of her fondest memories were spent. Besides travelling, she loves to spend time with her friends and family who are the people that mean the most to her. When she isn’t spending time with people, she spends time with her cat, a cute little midget who she loves dearly. But for Tenille, her true interest lies in fashion, which for her is a form of self-expression unlike no other. The best part of fashion for her is how it can give a person so much more confidence in yourself that you didn’t have before. She has written multiple articles on fashion in the school newspaper from the horror that is ugg boots, to fashion for hipsters.

Tenille Crowe, Editor, What's Trending writer

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Tenille Crowe