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Payton Irvine was born in Kelowna, British Columbia on July 31st 2003. She grew up in the same cozy house up until she was 15, she then moved into a more modern and energy efficient home in Glenmore. Ever since Payton was young, she has been a caring and generous individual who genuinely enjoys helping others. Every Tuesday, Payton spends an hour and a half at David Lloyd Jones, a local seniors home. She plays card games, bring the seniors waters or other beverages or sometimes she has conversations with them about their past and what life was like in the good old days. The volunteering does not stop there, during the summer time  Payton has an amazing time volunteering as a junior counsellor at a summer camp for young kids aged seven to 14 and occasionally 15. She spent the past summer at the summer camp, Owaissi, and enjoyed it so much she would love to go back again this summer. Some of Paytons fears, or phobias if you will, include heights and needles but in the future she would love to conquer her fear of heights by skydiving. Skydiving is one of the more intense items on her bucket list. For pets, Payton has three indoor cats and plenty of fish as well, her cat Smudge is by far her favourite. Payton would love to continue to grow as a person and help others to do so as well.  

Payton Irvine, Staff Writer

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Payton Irvine