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Kya Hansen
Halloween-loving Capricorn and Kelowna-famous horror movie actress, Kya Hansen, is a major history buff with a passion for writing and the arts. Her admiration for history began in her grade 8 year when her family decided to take a “fieldtrip” down to New Orleans, where they were educated on the topics of “voodoo” and “hoodoo”. This fun-loving hair-dying queen is convinced that ghosts and aliens exist, simply because it’s more fun to believe. In her free time, Kya enjoys acting and watching Tim Burton movies. The weirdest thing she did this summer was taking a road trip to the United States with her family for groceries from Wal-Mart. The family of four achieved receiving the largest transaction that their cashier had ever seen. Kya may not be Cyrus’ number one fan, but she admires Miley for being unique. If you ever observed Kya, stranded on a deserted island, she would have a jar of honey in hand. This grade 12 student believes that honey is a substantial choice, as it’s sweet, superb for face masks and it never goes bad. Kya claims that the meaning of life is for each and every individual to discover his or her own meaning of life.

Kya Hansen, Various

May 31, 2016
Oct 04, 2015
A Foray into the World of Modern Artists (Story)
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Kya Hansen