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Kerighan Mooney is a Kelowna Secondary School student in her grade 12 year. She was born and raised in New Zealand until moving to Kelowna in 2007. Kerighan’s favourite thing to do is teach dance and come up with choreography for her school’s dance team. She’s willing to die for her dog and her family but mostly her dog. The one thing she hopes to accomplish on her bucket list is travelling to Santorini, Greece and visiting her childhood home in New Zealand. Her biggest fear is snakes as she doesn’t like anything that slides around and sticks it’s tongue out. Kerighan would spend her last day on earth eating ever possible candy she could get her hands on. She hopes to be able to teach more after high school as she wants to pursue being a dance teacher and to travel the world doing what she loves.

Kerighan Mooney, Staff Writer

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Kerighan Mooney