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Julia Chambers
With her big blue eyes, the best word to describe the kind-hearted, history-loving girl named Julia Chambers would most likely be "sweetheart".

A Grade 10 student at KSS, hailing from KLO, Julia has a positive outlook towards her first year of high school.

Two of Julia's main interests are choir and travelling. On a recent adventure she combined the two and went on a choir trip to The Big Apple, New York! Most of her money was spent wisely towards experiences rather than the typical souvenir. Some of the Broadway Musicals she saw include "Wicked", "Phantom of the Opera", "Finding Neverland", and more.

Along with her other passions, Julia has a strong love of history, occasionally forcing her unwilling sister to watch history movies with her. The engrossment with the subject all began at Head-Smashed-in Buffalo in Alberta. After visiting the site she became overwhelmed with curiosity and provided her father with a never ending list of questions. Obviously that curiosity stayed with her.

If you were to ask Julia Chambers the meaning of life, she would respond with "being happy". So far it seems that she's on the right track.

Julia Chambers, News and History

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Julia Chambers