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Jasmine Pathak

Jasmine is 16 and was born in the exotic city of Penticton BC.She believes in the paranormal but has sadly never had an experience with one.She also thinks Donald Trump is "a horrible genius" who must be stopped.Jasmine wants to go into some sort of sciences in university but also wants to keep journalism in her sights.She has been more influenced by her parents, JK Rowling ,and her need to become buffy the vampire slayer.She thinks teleporters need to be invented in the next 25 years and replace airplanes.The only is she loves airports mostly eating food and people watching.This Gryffindor is kind and her determination can take on any task.

Jasmine Pathak, Various

May 16, 2017
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Oct 30, 2014
Racist Halloween Costumes: The Scariest Thing About Halloween (Story)
Oct 20, 2014
Gender Roles Have to Go: Keep Toys as Toys (Story)
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Jasmine Pathak