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Jared Glen
Some call me Jared, but most call me the Mad Hatter. I am unpredictable, indescribable, but most importantly I am ineffable. If you have yet to put two and two together I am a theatre student, I have been in a few plays and shows, never as the lead role but more of a humorous supportive character, but I like to think that without me there would be no show. Obviously I am slightly narcissistic, but I am never a poor sport or drama queen, but I am mad. I spend the majority of my day hiding in the theatre, pulling pranks and tricks on fellow students and swiping others’ belongings (I return them of course). I love jokes, I laugh easily, I get excited quickly, I can be serious when the situation needs it, but I mostly play around. I do not eat much, don’t know why that is just a weird side of me, but if offered a white Italian, tuna, white cheese, toasted, shredded lettuce, red onions, Subway green pepper, I will devour that sandwich.  Sometimes there is a little voice in my head, I like to call him Bentley, he is slightly deranged, but if he was anything less we wouldn’t get along. You may have seen me longboarding to school, I have been longboarding for three years now and I have come to learn that I have developed a sustainable way of travel, I work out my legs and my head. So that’s me, The Mad Hatter, watch for me, because I may be watching you. TMH.

Jared Glen, Writer

Jan 06, 2019
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Jared Glen