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Jade Thomson
Jade Thomson is just a French immersion student trying to figure out her life. She is never seen without her swell water bottle, which is kind of like a safety blanket and yes, it has a handle (for convenience!). If she is seen without it, however, she’ll have tea instead. Speaking of tea, Jade goes to weekly tea nights with her friend where they drink tea, eat dinner, and chat. She has two jobs, but hasn’t been to one of them since school started. Technically she quit, but that’s complicated. She’s saving up for a car; specifically a smaller, more fuel- efficient one than the one she’s borrowing right now (a mini truck that she has a love-hate relationship with). She can see herself in the near future pulling up to school and work in her new old Volkswagen blasting Rage Against The Machine. Jade works at a Pizza place three times a week and can often be seen from the front frantically making pizzas during dinner rush and getting salty at the 14 year old for messing up all the orders. However, she says that her work is ‘sick’ and that she loves it. All in all, Jade is living her life day by day.


Jade Thomson, Staff Writer

Jan 06, 2019
Photo Essay: Beaches are PUBLIC (Story)
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Jade Thomson