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Emma Luciw
Emma is a grade 12 student here at Kelowna Secondary School. Her favourite subject is English, and her plan is to major in it and become a high school English teacher, just like Mr. Derksen. Her plan B is to become a receptionist at a local paper company and to slowly fall in love with the salesman across from her desk. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and film photography. When she was younger, her dream was to be a Ballerina, but it was quickly shot down by her brutally honest dance teacher who reassured her that she will never be as good as Misty Copeland, which is fair enough. She has an insane fear of snakes and the ocean. She watched “Jaws” about 15 times when she was younger, and the idea of a deep, dark hole full of mysterious animals that could eat you in one bite terrifies her. She believes that as long as she stays away from oceans and forests as she travels when she’s older, she will be alright.

Emma Luciw, Staff Writer

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Emma Luciw