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Ella Birkeland
Ella Birkeland is a grade 10 student at Kelowna Secondary School. She was born in the beautiful city of Kelowna B.C, Canada and has never lived anywhere else. In her opinion, Kelowna is an amazing city to live in, with its gorgeous views and hiking trails, and the best and worst of all four seasons. 

Ella is very passionate about music, especially singing, and spends her free time working on improving her skills so that one day, she can share her music with the world. She has been awarded a few medals for singing, though they were given to her in a situation where everyone wins something, and has set a goal for herself to win a real reward in an authentic music competition. When Ella isn't singing, she is most likely baking something delicious like her brownies (which some people would say are the best) or hanging out with her friends. Ella has not quite figured out what she is going to do after high school, but one thing she is sure of, is that it is going to be something amazing.

Ella Birkeland, Writer

Jan 13, 2021
Women’s Clothing and Trends; How is it Affecting Girls Mental Health? (Story)
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Ella Birkeland