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Denby Huber
Denby Huber is a really funny girl who always likes to have a good time. She can do a perfect Russian, which is a dance move, although she denies it. Her birthday is August 14th, born in 1999 she has been keeping it real for 15 years. Her only dream in life is to go surfing in the ocean. This weirdo would even surf on hay bales pretending that she was surfing for real. She used to kill the fashion world with her amazing toe shoes, and still claims to love them. In the past she has been extremely lucky, as she has been pooped on a whole three times by some loving birds. Overall Denby is a really cool girl, and you would be lucky to have her as your friend.

Denby Huber, A&E writer, Opinion

Feb 11, 2015
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Denby Huber