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Cole McEwan is a computer guy who still struggles in social situations. Adopting a “fake it until you make it” strategy, he just barely scrapes by in conversations. With an interest in technology and art, he plans on getting a job in graphic design and moving abroad once finished high school. A large amount of his time is dedicated to playing (and complaining about) video games, mainly focusing on the Dark Souls series and a dying game called World of Tanks. He has lived in Kelowna for the vast majority of his life, aside from a couple of years in Kamloops as his parents searched for jobs. His older sister, Kenna, has had a great influence on his school and personal life. With an extremely high gpa, he has been forced to live in her shadow during his middle school and high school years. Although her academic prowess remains unmatched, he believes himself to be the slightly less weird sibling.

Cole McEwan, Staff Writer

Mar 03, 2019
Simply put: dogs are better than cats (Story)
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Cole McEwan