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Chloe Glackmeyer
Chloe is an twelveth grade student in French immersion at Kelowna Secondary School. She is a very friendly gal; though she might not be the one to initiate conversation, she loves getting to know new people. Chloe is a very optimistic, forgiving person who believes you shouldn't judge a person without knowing their story. She doesn't believe in karma, as she thinks the universe does not reward good behaviour, just works around your decisions and leaves it up to fate. 

This is her second year in journalism. She aspires to someday become an investigative journalist or explore a career in law enforcement. Chloe has many different interests such as true crime, learning about social issues (such as homlessness) and insects. Her favorite bug is the Ten-Lined June Beetle.  She has always been interested in true crime ever since she was a little girl and hopes to someone make a change in the world through her passion for homicide investigation and behavioral science. Death is a very intriguing and mysterious subject to Chloe, it's probably why her favorite show, Forensic Files, draws her attention so much. She has a soft spot for the homelessness issue as she works hand in hand with a lot of people from shelters and off the streets. 

Chloe has an overall very wild, playful personality and would love to someday become famous. 


Chloe Glackmeyer, Writer

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Chloe Glackmeyer