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Charity Ingram is an introverted seventeen year old woman, who is still learning how to properly take care of the untamable lion’s mane she calls hair. She was born in a small Albertan town called Medicine Hat, which she was very happy to trade for Edmonton in grade two. She spends a solid amount of her time either reading, watching anime (among other shows with real life actors), or searching for new fanfiction about the characters she reads about and watches. She couldn’t live without music and it is almost impossible to find her without her bluetooth headphones wrapped around her neck like a tattoo. She is absolute kpop trash and is practically in love with the seven members, especially the maknae (meaning youngest), of her favourite boy group BTS. Her dream is to be a successful actress as well as an accomplished anthropologist. Her desire to travel and explore the world and its rich history has played a key role in her career choice; one thing she would love to be able to do before she departs from this world is to explore the catacombs hidden deep beneath the city of Paris. As a result of her aspirations in acting, she has taken part of all of her school’s productions for the past four years and virtually never leaves the theatre, leaving her homeless when its door is locked. Charity doesn’t consider herself to be a very superstitious person, but she would never incur the wrath of the theatre gods by uttering the name of The Scottish Play in theatre. She takes great joy in putting people in their place, and is able to do so because of her blunt and abrasive personality. While she may look cold and intimidating with her “resting bitch face”, she genuinely tries her darndest to be as nice to everyone as she can, including people she can’t stand - and there are a lot of people she can’t stand.  

Charity Ingram, Staff Writer

Feb 20, 2019
Infires Man! (fandom joke, you wouldn’t get it) (Story)
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Charity Ingram