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Chantelle Efird
Chantelle Efird is an eighteen-year-old grade twelve student at Kelowna secondary school. When she's not learning or organizing her school work, she’s writing free verse poetry to grow more in touch with herself and her emotions. She is both a free-spirited girl who loves to explore and learn new things, but she’s also an organized student- that is until you see her bedroom. She is an intellectual who’s work ethic is incomparable to anyone else- and because of that, she is the most likely in the class of 2020 to achieve all her goal of becoming a journalist- and then proceed to take the world by storm with her talent.

Chantelle is a strong but considerate person and anyone to call her a friend is lucky. She is someone who puts her loved first, so she honors that through a tattoo. She has a rose on her side that represents her grandparents and her eternal love for them- and underneath she has her mother’s handwriting to know she always has her close. As Chantelle grows, her tattoo will grow with her to show that no matter where she is she has her family.

She has two distinctive scars on her leg that are from an infection she overcame when she was the seventh grade and an overbite that awards her with a beautifully unique smile that is hard to miss.

While Chantelle is always moving, you’ll always be able to find her with a pen and a notebook in hand traveling around and sharing her story with everyone she meets. 

Chantelle Efird, Writer

Nov 17, 2019
On the move (Story)
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Chantelle Efird