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Carissa Adams
Carissa is a grade 11 student at Kelowna Secondary School born and raised in Kelowna. This is their second year taking Journalism and they hope to one day pursue it as a career. They are passionate about activism and equality, and want to make a difference in the world. 

Carissa works at a thrift store, and is committed to reducing their footprint through responsible consumption. They attend a weekly picnic with their friends where they talk politics, current events, sustainability, memes, astrology, and more. They love photography, art, writing, and pretty much anything that can be used as a creative outlet. 

Carissa can be shy until you get to know them, and then they never stop talking. They love to be the source of laughter and pride themselves on being somewhat of a comedian. They can often be found petting a local dog or befriending the city bus drivers. Carissa hopes you find their articles engaging, and most importantly, meaningful.

Carissa Adams, Writer

Jan 04, 2021
Sia’s Tone Deaf “Music” Sparks Controversy (Story)
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Carissa Adams