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Bridgette Hunt
From a young age, Bridgette Hunt was always known for being the quiet, shy and introverted child. She very much disliked having to communicate with people and kids her age. While she was unwilling to communicate while younger, she found solace in writing and telling stories, reading books and studying various subjects; she found interest in the environment, astronomy and various other fiction and nonfiction subjects. Throughout growing older, she became aligned more to contemporary interests, being piqued by politics, environmental science, and journalism especially.


While still uneasy to communicate with others, Bridgette has grown to be very opinionated; sometimes to the annoyance of those around her. While not generally friendly, she attempts to treat others with kindness.

Bridgette Hunt, Writer

Nov 17, 2019
What is a VSCO girl? (Story)
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Bridgette Hunt