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Anna grew up in Friedrichsdorf, which is a relatively small town in Germany close to Frankfurt. During her kindergarten time she didn’t go to a “normal” kindergarten. It was a forest kindergarten, which means that they went to the forest every single day. The most fun day were the snow days. She started to love the nature there. This kindergarten was the main reason for her to join the scouts, where they played games outside and now she’s a leader there. Her favourite vacation trips are the hiking trips with her scouts group and after her graduation in Germany in 2021 she is planning on packing her backpack and fly to Chile and hike through it until she gets to an airport in Peru, just her and her backpack. Maybe she is listening to Faber who is her favourite musician even when he’s German. He’s singing about how life is and how you can enjoy it in a better way. It’s not just his music she likes about him, she also appreciates his political actions. This girl danced ballet for about twelve years and saw a girls soccer team through the windows. She joined this team after two months watching the from the ballet room and played for them for two years. She stopped ballet and started playing soccer. Anna had training five times a week, three times track and two times soccer and at the weekends she often had a soccer game and a track competition. Since she”s here in Kelowna she doesn’t really do sports. She is just to lazy for it now. She’s going skiing at the weekends, goes to the gym with friends and has PE, but it still doesn’t feel like she’s doing as much as she did at home. She feels like she changed a lot in the past five months. She started a “new” life in a different language and on a different continent. And by the time she’s coming back home she’ll maybe be another person than she was before she left. Anna is almost afraid of that.

Anna Meindl, Staff Writer

Mar 03, 2019
Forced into a new life: immigration in Germany (Story)
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Anna Meindl