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Yurara Okuda

Yurara Okuda, Writer

Yurara. Okuda is grade 12, and 16 years old right now. Most people call her Yura, because it’s easier. She was born in Toyota city in Japan, and grew up there. When she was 13 years old, she started to be interested in the culture around the world, and also she thought I want to learn English. Then, she decided to go to Canada for study abroad. She found a highschool in Japan where she can go to study abroad for a year.

She loves listening to music. She has listened to music around the world since she was little, and also she plays guitar, and piano. Her mother was a piano teacher, so she started playing it, but actually she hates it. When she was in grade 5, she started to play the guitar, because her brother plays the bass. She also likes watching movies alone. Every weekends, she watches movies with her host family. She is planning to go to the university in Japan, and study English more. Also she wants to live by herself. She was impressed with everything in Canada. She has only two more months to go back to Japan, but she is enjoying life in Canada.

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Yurara Okuda
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