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Walt Mudie

Walt Mudie, Writer

Many people often ponder the true purpose of life on Earth. Reproduction, enjoyment, family: these are all legitimate possibilities. Individuals with a more pessimistic demeanor do not believe in any of the above. I think I sit somewhere in the middle: reproduction seems valid, while I also entertain the possibility of no meaning whatsoever. I like this stance; it leaves me open to persuasion and creates an interesting dialogue. If this topic interests you, and you feel that you may have the ability to hone my opinion, my door is always open.

My leisure activities include kicking back and strumming a guitar, hugging my mom, and emptying the dishwasher. Sometimes, I go to work at Tacotime; here, you may find me greeting strangers amicably and making friends for hours on end. This is what the Drive-Thru entails. I attempt to improve the customer’s day by offering both nourishment and charisma.

Occasionally, I meet someone on the street and tell them about my life. During such conversations, one finds out about the seventeen years I’ve spent on Earth; more specifically, in Kelowna. I wish I had lived elsewhere for even a short period, but the same four walls have acted as my bedroom for the entirety of my existence. I’ve begun to lose my mind multiple times!

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