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Vincenzo Lawrence-Bertucci, Staff Writer


Born october 16th 2000 he is like many others before him. He doesn’t exactly know what direction he is going, and much like many other people he could be described as lost. The goals he hopes to achieve, the career he wishes to pursue, and the dedications in his life are many, possibly too many to choose from. It is possible he takes the world much too seriously for his fears are not that unique. The attributes that he admires, and desires the most are those that make up intelligence, and courage. As of now what he wants the most is to know what he wants, or where he is going, he mostly just wants to be sure of himself. He Is not sad, nor is he happy, just uncertain. He knows soon that he will come to embrace this uncertainty because many like him have, and very few find a concrete path on which they can walk, and to some extent the beautiful essence of uncertainty is not lost on him. It is hard to say what his last day on earth would be spent doing, it is difficult to say how anyone would spend those final days because no one action can bring the satisfaction that comes from a lifetime, nor can anything ease the uncertainty of death. His biggest fear by far is being stuck living a life that is not satisfying. He wishes to live a life he could look upon, and experience a million times over, and still look upon with satisfaction.    

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Vincenzo Lawrence-Bertucci
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