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Tamara Hudson

Tamara Hudson, Writer

Tamara Hudson is a grade twelve student who was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is an avid writer, who dabbles in design, art, and poetry. She has written countless novels over the years, and often participates with her friends in the National Novel Writing Month writing challenge and other writing competitions.

She enjoys bike riding with her friends and family, caring for her cactus she affectionately calls Sahara, and talking up a storm with whomever has the luck of crossing her. She loves tea—in both the literal and metaphorical sense—with a particular love for rooibos, chai, and yerba maté, as well as comfort drinks like caramel macchiatos, homemade strawberry milk, and caramel milk tea. She often cooks and bakes, always ready to share her creations with her loved ones. 

With Charlie the Cat and Sophie the Dog for her loyal companions, she is often found at home curled up with Charlie, listening to music, reading a book, writing her own, or out for a walk with little Sophie.


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Tamara Hudson
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