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Rose Kaplar

Rose Kaplar, Writer

If you’ve ever seen someone make a bad decision, it is most likely in relation to Rose Kaplar, also known as an uninspired future jailbird. But for now, she’s just a grade ten student who gets lost on her way to class.


  Born and raised in the good for nothing hole in the ground that is known as Kelowna, she spent most of her youth living up by the myra canyon; which explains her affinity for the idea of running away into the woods to never be seen again. She lacks survival skills, but believes she could beat an alligator in hand-to-hand combat. Stuck in the middle of a redneck family, she finds that she’s grown to be a busy extrovert, somewhat of a shopaholic and a horror fanatic. In her free time she rollerskates and paints, insisting she isn’t creative and simply likes the freedom that abstract art provides.

Ideally, she can see herself having a future as a tattoo artist or a body piercing artist, but she’ll settle for something in literature—being a ghost writer or a basic journalist sounds doable. She doesn’t have many goals and appreciates being aimless, but if she can make you laugh or get pissed off she feels as if she’s done her job. If her articles make your head hurt, it’s probably because she was insanely caffeinated and lightheaded at the time of writing, Rose will not apologize for this.

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Rose Kaplar
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