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Rachael Porter, Staff Writer

It’s 6:45 am, on the sixteenth of December, 2003. A baby’s cry cuts through the maternal ward of KGH. The doctors are sure of one thing immediately, this baby’s lungs sure do work, given the volume. After the baby has been cleaned, and all tests administered, it’s time for the parents to name it. They christen her Rachael. It was a close call between either that or Jade, though. A few days after, the new parents and child are released from the hospital, and get to enjoy the comfort of their own home. That same house will remain that baby’s home until it becomes an adult. As the child grew, a very interesting change occured. She was four, her mother looked into her eyes, and screamed. One of her eyes had changed colour, and was now green. Apparently this kid had heterochromia. Another interesting thing that developed in the child was a fear of the dark. She hated the shadows that were cast around the room with such a passion that she slept in her mom’s room until she was eight. When Rachael was nine, her friend Brandon invited her to a Buddy Bowl at his league, she found she liked it a lot, and still bowls in that league to this day. Rachael’s favourite ice cream, which she discovered at a very young age, is chocolate. This may have started because her mother wouldn’t eat chocolate ice cream, only vanilla or strawberry. A defensive strategy, perhaps. Throughout her life, Rachael wanted to be many things. First, a librarian, then an architect, next was a lawyer, and so far she has settled on wanting to become a photojournalist (or something of the sort). However, she suffers from chronic indecisiveness, so this career choice may change. One thing that she recently put on her bucket list is to learn another language, and she thinks that language may be ASL. This has been, an introduction to Rachael Porter.

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