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Payton Irvine

Payton Irvine, Editor

Payton Irvine, is a 17 year old aspiring young writer and journalist who loves broadening her knowledge and letting her creativity shine through in her work. One of the things she is unfortunately least comfortable with is writing about herself and her own experiences, ironically, much like in this staff biography. At home, she lives with her mom, brother and grandparents, therefore she has been influenced by different generations all her life. Payton also works part time as a server at a retirement home where she has met some incredible retirees who have fascinating backgrounds. Throughout her life, she has made it a priority to give back to her community through volunteering and other acts of kindness. For example, she has volunteered at a children’s summer camp and at a senior’s care home. As well as joining her mother in giving out cookies downtown to the less fortunate every Christmas day! 

Payton has always been a proficient writer and writing has become a prominent passion of hers. She has taken journalism for three years and also took English honours which led her to be in English AP this year. She has dabbled in modeling, recently modeling for photographer Kylie Bikow who actually took this photo, however she prefers when she is not in the spotlight which led her to her love of writing.

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Payton Irvine
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