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Mykah Wittenberg

Mykah Wittenberg, Writer

Mykah Wittenberg is a grade 11 student at KSS. She was born in Burnaby, BC, and moved to Kelowna when she was just a few months old. 

Mykah has 3 siblings. 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. She also has 2 dogs. Marley, who's 13, and Roo who's 3. Seeing as Mykah grew up with 3 chaotic loud siblings, you would think she'd be loud and outgoing too, but in reality, she is known to be a quiet, calm person but can be energetic and witty when you get to know her.

Mykah enjoys music and nature more than anything else. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, making new playlists/finding new music, playing instruments, or biking around town with friends. She is interested in the film industry and hopes to be a part of it one day. Mykah is a loyal, caring friend who is always looking out for others. 

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Mykah Wittenberg
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