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Mya Martin

Mya Martin, Writer

Mya Martin is a Grade 12 student who was born in Kelowna, B.C. and lived downtown until she was two years old and had to move out of a rental home because the owners were selling. Now, and for the past 15 years, she has lived in an old apartment that was built in the 1970s with her parents and little brother.

She’s a huge fan of art, especially painting and sketching. She's also a fan of history, psychology, movies and music. Before Covid, she was a dancer on one of the best teams in B.C., Chinook, though that took 8 years to finally try out. She’s had to go through a lot, from almost getting hit by a bus to dealing with anti-maskers during a global pandemic. They have a tendency to be introverted and a homebody but are also very independent when it comes to school. In the future she hopes to become a Social Worker after high school. They are interested in writing a wide range of different articles. She looks forward to learning all they can about journalism and hopefully her articles can provide some insight on certain matters. 

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Mya Martin
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