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Mikayla Banman

Mikayla Banman, Writer

Mikayla Banman is an ambitious eleventh grade student. She was born in California and moved to Kelowna when she was 6. She loves Kelowna just as much as California though, only for different reasons. Her favorite color is blue, and she has yet to see a shade of blue that isn’t pretty. She loves to travel and if she could travel anywhere it would be Ireland. The ocean is her favorite place; she absolutely adores it. If she had to choose a favorite book it would be Pride and Prejudice. Summer is her favorite season, however; her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving,which she spends with her extensive family.  She loves country music and her all-time favorite singer would be Taylor Swift. She is a very bright and kind person, who always helps out whenever she can.

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Mikayla Banman
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