Censor This!

Meghan Alcock

Meghan Alcock, Writer

Meghan Alcock is an eleventh Grade student that keeps to herself and tends to avoid large crowds. Born and raised in Kelowna, she currently lives with her parents and is an only child. When it comes to school friendships she drifts from group to group never sticking with one long enough. She's been carrying this through for the last 5 years, because she wants to get to know others' opinions and to become accustomed to all kinds of ideas and people rather than one specific group. With one specific view point on matters whether large issues or simple. 

Meghan is a minimalist, she loves the simplicity in the art movement of minimalism by having only the essentials. She is often lost in her own head and is usually led by her curiosity. She is not the best writer, So kudos to you for being able to read all of this.  


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Meghan Alcock
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