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Matthew Abrey

Matthew Abrey, Writer

Matthew Abrey went to George Pringle Elementary, a French Immersion school, where he became fluent in French. He then attended KLO, and eventually KSS, continuing with the French Immersion program. The French language has served him well, as he's taken several trips to Europe, especially Britain, a country he very much loves. He even identifies as a "Monarchist." He does try to keep his political leanings to himself for the most part. He's stated that he's lost friendships over politically charged discussion, having closed communications with one or two "strong acquaintances."

One or two strong acquaintances is not the end of the world for Matt, however. He holds many relationships with many people, as well as having a strong inner circle. He doesn't consider himself very introverted or extroverted, being entirely comfortable with social situations while still relishing his time outside of them. While easy going in this way, he is cautious about opening up and extensive discussion, due to having some "strong opinions" in the past.

He's not only opinionated about politics. Matthew is very interested in hockey, baseball, bars, writing as a medium, and Tae-Kwon-Do, in which he holds a black belt. His dream car is a '69 Dodge Charger, with an orange semigloss finish. Matt is a complex man, with many interests, many skills, and many opinions, and despite any impressions you may have, he is sure to surprise you in one way or another.

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Matthew Abrey
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