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Maddie Liao

Maddie Liao, Editor

Maddie is a grade twelve student at KSS who was born in Taiwan . She moved to Kelowna when she was six years old, and she goes back to Taiwan every summer to visit family, also as a good stepping stone to travel around Asia.

Maddie spends her time playing piano, acting, writing and studying for her two AP classes. She loves creating in many different ways, which is why she loves being in journalism. Journalism is one of her favourite writing styles, so it’s exciting that she is the editor for her journalism class and stretch her abilities in this subject. After she graduates high school, she plans to go to university somewhere in Ontario, hopefully the University of Toronto. She aspires to study journalism and minor in language or film.

Maddie loves the liveliness and variety a big city, which is why she would love to experience living in a city such as Toronto. Travelling is one of her favourite things to do, and she has a long list of places she would like to visit in her lifetime. The fact that she can speak three languages fluently and a few brokenly will hopefully come in handy during her travels. She has already been to Japan three times and Singapore for the first time this last summer, as well as various places in the US. The top places she hopes to visit soon are Europe and Korea, as she wants to experience the cultures that exist together in each different region.

Maddie hopes that her ideas can be shared with the community, and use her ways of thinking to help others. 

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Maddie Liao
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