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Lotte Alkenbrecher

Lotte Alkenbrecher, Writer

Lotte Alkenbrecher, a 17-year-old girl, was born in August 2005 in Hamburg, the most beautiful city of Germany. She lives with her younger sister, her parents and her dog, a Border Collie named Charlie, on the edge of Hamburg near the Elbe river. Since she was little, she has been very outgoing, self-confident and definite. School has never been a problem for her because of her independence. At a young age, she started playing tennis, and later performance also became very important to her. Additionally, she started playing field hockey, which has been very good for her development. But she never has been happy with herself. She always wanted to be good at the things she did, even if she tried things for the first time. She has high expectations of herself and has had body issues since she was a little girl. Finally, in the last two years, she started feeling comfortable with a new friend group and having better connections with her family. Additionally, she made it to Canada for an exchange year, which has always been a dream of hers. Leaving friends, family, and her boyfriend behind was way harder than she thought, but she is very proud of herself and where she stands now. 

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Lotte Alkenbrecher
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