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Kiyra Swim

Kiyra Swim, Writer

Having moved to Kelowna just in time to start grade 10 at KSS, Kiyra Swim had lacked an open mind and was reluctant in regards to making friends. However, three years anywhere, let alone highschool, are bound to cause some character development in anyone. Kiyra has, thanks to the adventurous Okanagan spirit, grown to appreciate new experiences, and above all else,  meeting new people.

She loves and encourages anything that challenges her, whether it be socially, physically, or intellectually. Kiyra strongly believes that life is what you make it, and she fully intends to achieve all of what she strives to accomplish. She welcomes friendship, conversation, and community, as she knows all too well that people have the power to change each other for the better. Kiyra values the thoughts and opinions of others. She takes the advice and stories from friends, family and peers and applies it to how she thinks and acts; her willingness to change embodies her spirit as a whole. Through much effort Kiyra works to be the best version of herself. 

Kiyra is a happy person to say the least, she comes from a place with a lot of love. She knows she is very lucky to have been brought up in a family that cares so deeply for one another. She hopes that she can take the love and positivity she was so fortunate to have received, and use it to help better the lives of other people. By the end of her life, Kiyra hopes she can say that she made the most of the time she was given, and has made others just as happy as she was. 

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