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Kiara Moeskops

Kiara Moeskops, Writer

Kiara is a grade 11 student at KSS who lived in Toronto for the first 12 years of her life. Although she adores the big city and its constant liveliness, Kiara loves the active lifestyle and friendly environment that Kelowna brings. She has taken part in plenty of sports, such as soccer and dance along with other activities that continue to teach her new things everyday. 


Despite the fact that Coronavirus has stopped most travelling, Kiara loves to day-dream and research new places to visit once the pandemic is over. She would love to one day go backpacking across Europe with a couple of friends. For now though, Kiara’s hobbies include photography, music and cuddling with cats. As an extrovert, she loves to be around her family and friends and to meet new people. Journalism has always been an interest of Kiara’s because she can express herself while writing about things she loves like social justice. Kiara is looking forward to sharing her experiences, opinions,and perspectives as well as connecting with her community and more. 

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Kiara Moeskops
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