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Kailyn Lafrenie

Kailyn Lafrenie, Writer

A grade twelve student at K.S.S, Kailyn Lafrenie is now in her third year of journalism. Passionate for all things to do with literature, social justice, and learning about the world around us, Kailyn immerses herself in as many socials and english-based classes as possible. In her free time, she loves to spend her time reading, researching various topics, or listening to her large collection of vinyl records and cassettes. 

Though an introvert at heart, she eventually wants to do work that involves helping people, specifically to do with teaching or writing. She is often found near coffee shops, beaches, and record stores, or according to her younger brother, cleaning her room, putting on makeup, and listening to "My Chemical Romance. " Kailyn is always willing to engage in philosophical discussions or long rants about personality types, hair dye, fashion, and her favourite bands. Considered a ‘’free spirit’’ by her friends, her life aspirations are to live and travel in a hippie van, and to adopt as many pet rabbits as she can, (though she already has two bunnies, named ‘’Pancakes’’ and ‘’Waffles’’.) While rather shy sometimes, Kailyn attempts to view the world with endless curiosity, and tries to share her ideas with everyone she knows.

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Kailyn Lafrenie
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