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Jordyn Misura

Jordyn Misura, Writer

Who is Jordyn Misura? She was born in Kelowna, B.C, and has four siblings and three parents. Her parents have been divorced since she was 5. She lives with her mother and step-dad full time. Her favourite pastimes are swimming, hanging out with friends, and hanging out with her family. Jordyn has had a job at Sportchek for three years, and loves it. Jordyn wants to go on to post secondary school and get her Bachelor of English and furthermore get her Bachelor of Education and ESL. She used to compete in swimming, but unfortunately an injury ended her career. As a young child, Jordyn started to speak Spanish before she spoke English. Her parents thought it was because of watching too much Dora. She eventually learned English but can still speak bits and pieces of Spanish, although she is not very good. Jordyn has twin brothers and another brother and a sister. They are all younger than her. She has 3 dogs and 2 cats who she loves very much. Jordyn's mom is only 35, therefore she is Jordyn's best friend. Her mom is her biggest idol. Jordyn has a blue Toyota Echo named Judy. She loves her car. Jordyn has a hard time writing about herself, she's always very unsure on what to say. She took journalism this year because she loves to be exposed to the world around her, and to learn things she has never learned before. So hopefully you get that same feeling from her writing.

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Jordyn Misura
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