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Joel Pontalti, Staff Writer

Joel Pontalti is a grade twelve student at KSS. Rock climbing is the passion spaghetti is the side hustle. Joel works at the Old Spaghetti Factory so he can fuel his dreams and passions. Such passions include rock climbing, writing, traveling and listening to music. Joel has been rock climbing since grade eight he enjoys the adrenaline rush and thrill of sending a hard move. Traveling goes along with rock climbing as Joel loves to road trip to different climbing spots across North America. Joel has visited Smith rock Oregon, City of Rocks Idaho, Red River Gorge Kentucky and Squamish BC just to name a few.  When Joel is not outside enjoying nature or sending some gnarly crack lines he has a very lazy side. This side consists of laying in bed all day and listening to music. Joel enjoys discovering new artists and listening to music for therapy purposes and for the pure bliss that comes from it. He is a strong believer in listening to albums from start to finish and diving deep into the ideas of the artists, as he believes it’s the way music is intended to be listened too. Rather it is dangling off a 400- foot cliff or laying in bed listening to music, Joel tries to chase something.

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Joel Pontalti
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