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Jessica Hardy

Jessica Hardy , Writer

A Grade 10 girl, Jessica Hardy is kind but shy. She plays karate after school on tuesdays and thursdays. She was born in Kelowna and has never moved anywhere else. For elementary school, she went to North Glenmore Elementary, for middle school she went to Doctor Knox, and now attends Kelowna Secondary School. In grade 8, she went on a month long trip to England and Germany to meet her family. This year she will be going back to England and it will be her first time in two years! 

Jessica is the youngest of four in her family; she has two brothers named Alex and Nick and one sister named Charlotte. Along with her siblings, her family has a total of seven pets; three birds, Louis, Charlotte and George, two rabbits, Molly and Peanut, one cat named Misty and one dog named Poppi. 

Although when you meet her, she tends to be shy and quiet, when you get to know her she's super outgoing and fun! She describes herself as someone who would willingly go talk to any employee. Her favourite colour is light rose and she enjoys reading action novels. 

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Jessica Hardy
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