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Jade Wolczuk

Jade Wolczuk, A&E writer, What's Trending

Jade Hope Wolczuk… diverse in so many ways she can only be known as original. Her hobbies include playing classical music on the piano, which shows her intelligent, mature side, but don't think she's all first-class fancy. Jade knows a few things about knocking someone out from her kick-boxing and grappling classes. Don't worry; she's got her awesome, fun, care-free side when she plays video games, probably more often than she should. Jade also has a tendency to stay up till almost 3am! Even though she has such a busy life she's able to get up in the morning like the rest of us. Somehow she ends up from her bed to the kitchen for breakfast, then off to school at KSS, right here in Kelowna where she was born and raised.

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Jade Wolczuk
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