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Imogen Caldwell

Imogen Caldwell, Writer

Formerly from Britain, Imogen Caldwell is a Grade 10 student who moved to Kelowna just before turning the daring age of two. In her spare time, Imogen enjoys drawing, reading, and playing soccer. At home, she enjoys watching movies and some of her favourites include; Interstellar, Dead Poets society, and Inception. Even though Inception gave her a splitting headache to comprehend, she stays a firm lover of sci-fi films. For her profile picture, she chose one of the many self portraits she has drawn digitally and enjoys the simplicity of it, in contrast to her other, much more detailed artwork.


After leaving highschool, Imogen wants to achieve a university education and eventually pursue a career in Law. She is taking Journalism this year to improve her english skills as well as hopefully dive deeper into her interests in psychology and film. If not at school, Imogen can be seen at Superstore, where she works, but she won’t be seen spending money because Law school is going to cost her an arm, leg, and possibly a lung. Before finishing highschool, Imogen hopes to explore her many passions in academics and the arts, as well as share her passions and interests through her writing.


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Imogen Caldwell
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