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Gavynne Adame, Staff Writer


Gavynne Adame is a grade 11 student attending KSS.  It’s the year 2002 in the city of Quezon City, Philippines where Gavynne was born. A year after she was born her parents wanted to move to Dubai, however Gavynne’s siblings didn’t want to come because they wanted to finish their schooling. Therefore Gavynne went to live in Dubai with her parents while her siblings were left behind in the Philippines with their grandparents. A year had passed and Gavynne was sent back to the Philippines to spend time with her siblings for a year while her parents stayed in Dubai. She spent her time in philippines bonding with her siblings and grandparents, after a year Gavynne’s family wanted to be reunited so they all moved to Oman and lived there for 2 years. After their little stay in Oman, her family moved to Canada where they lived in Ontario for the first 8 years. They then moved to Alberta for the next 2 years and finally settled in Kelowna. Growing up Gavynne grew fond of movies and television shows, especially films with superheroes like the Marvel films. Since Gavynne has traveled and lived in various places, she has developed a desire to travel the world and discover places people normally wouldn’t want to go to. Gavynne’s bucket list is very long, mainly occupied by traveling to different places in the world like Iceland and all the way to the Maldives, however travelling is not the only thing on her bucket list. She would also like to experience cliff diving, skydiving, scuba diving, diving between two continents in Iceland where she can touch North America and Europe at the same time.

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Gavynne Adame
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