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Ethan Jensen-Page

Ethan Jensen-Page, Writer

Ethan was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and grew up in Taber, Alberta. He likes to play video games. Ethan’s quirk is that he walks around in circles.  When Ethan lived in Taber, he jumped off the couch in the living room and fell on the coffee table, where his lip bled, and he had to go to the Hospital to get stitches; now he has a little scar on his lip.  Ethan is a funny person, and he has a great sense of humour.  Ethan’s special ability is that he can play video games for a long period of time, more than some people. Ethan is a nice person; he can talk to people nicely. Ethan likes to sleep in on weekends and when it's summer, and there is no school.  He likes going for walks around the neighbourhood. Ethan likes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Easter. He believes in Santa. Ethan likes the colour green. 

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Ethan Jensen-Page
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