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Brenda Achilli

Brenda Achilli, Writer

When there’s music, you can be sure that Brenda is near, probably engaging in one of her thousand hobbies. 

Brenda Achilli is a grade 12 exchange student at KSS; she arrived in Kelowna at the end of august from a little hole in the ground in the center of Italy,  known as Macerata. At the moment, she feels like the main character of one of her favourite coming-of-age movies. But back in her small town, she is just a multipotential and a rather highly distracted girl who can’t focus more than 5 minutes on a single task but insists on start reading new books and beginning projects that you can be certain she will not finish. Brenda has many passions, but her indecisive and chaotic mind hasn't settled on her future yet. Instead, she is hoping for a miracle that will finally make a choice for her and reveal in which way she should direct all of her energies to making her dreams come true.

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Brenda Achilli
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