Censor This!

Ava Dale, Staff Writer

This is about a girl who was born in a hot tub in Switzerland nearly 18 years ago on March 31st 2001. She is the first child of two highschool sweethearts from London, Ontario living their best lives. Her name is Ava Sofia Dale and it is nearly time for her to graduate and live her own best life. She is enroute to become a lawyer with another eerie 7 more years of school ahead of her. What she really wants to be is an astronaut but ironically her weakness and most dreaded thought is mathematics. Her mother had always told her growing up that she’d make a great lawyer, although she didn’t agree at first. Law sounded like a miserable desk job for miserable 9-5 employees working with miserable clients. She had her heart and soul set on space. After years of trying to persuade her mom into letting her go explore the universe, it finally worked. She then realized, if she could convince her mother to let her go to outerspace, she’d make a fantastic lawyer. Future aside, she is a simply complex teenager who hates dry hands and loves to hibernate in bed with her laptop day and night. Back in 2014 she met a boy named Flynn Zimmer at a fair and they’ve had a thing for each other ever since. It took them a shameful sum of years to breakout of the best-friendzone but it’s almost their year and a half anniversary so all’s well that ends well am I right?

She’s a vegetarian who doesn’t even like animals and she speaks basic Korean for literally no reason. The End.

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Ava Dale
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