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Ava Bouchard

Ava Bouchard, Writer

Ava Bouchard is an inspired grade 11 student attending Kelowna secondary school. Most days, you’ll catch her feeding her addiction to thrifting, listening to music, hanging out with her friends, or taking a nap, to be honest. She also very much enjoys snowboarding in the winter and learning new songs on her guitar.

She is most interested in writing, video production, and art. As well as traveling and exploring the world. She believes that social interaction, conversation, and learning about different cultures are some of the coolest things you could experience. She loves the concept of storytelling and the different perspectives you can showcase through your work, so she took journalism to provide her a chance to share her stories and express herself.

After high school, she hopes to receive some type of degree in some type of art, but other than that, she has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Maybe she’ll live in an apartment in Greece and chill with the street cats for a bit, who knows. What she does know is that one of her main goals in life is to make many friends with people in different places all around the world.    

On that note, Avas is happiest while pushing herself out of her comfort zone and growing into a better version of herself every day.

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Ava Bouchard
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