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Anik Riedel, Writer

My name is Anik Riedel and I'm 18 years old. I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. My hometown has 11.000 inhabitants. I have a twin sister and a older sister. At home I´m done with my school and I was really interested in experiencing another school system, so I came to Canada.

In my freetime I like to play saxophone, listen to music, baking and cooking. My favourite activities are dancing, meeting new friends, walking the dog and skiing. My favourite food is potato salad and pasta squares filled with meat.

One day I would like to travel to New Zealand because I think it looks very pretty and beautiful.  In New Zealand, I would like to hike and ski.

My favourite movie is Club the Red Bath it is about a friendship. My favorite season is winter because I like snow and skiing.

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Anik Riedel
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