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You can find Alia either with her friends, or reading a book in a cozy place where time just seems to fly by. Ever since she was eight years old, she had a unique passion and love for reading the lives of historical figures who inspired and enlightened her into the world of history. Some of her favourite reads include Eleanor Roosevelt, Mozart, and Nightingale. Her passion for history continued even after moving from Japan to Canada, where she was truly able to diversify herself into different cultures and their history. Since being raised in both Canada and Japan as well as parents from different cultural backgrounds, she has an open heart to anything from visiting new places, to trying new foods and meeting new people. 

Speaking of foods, there isn’t a day where she isn’t thinking about a new restaurant or food she wants to try. Her love for cooking started ever since she was a baby, where both her mom and dad cooked in grand hotels surrounded by exotic, delicious foods from around the world. From Mediterranean food to Japanese, you can expect Alia to be either behind the cutting board, or behind a plate. And hopefully one day, on a cover of a book.

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A Cafeteria Like Hogwarts

Alia Image, Writer
February 18, 2022
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