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Abigail Gubbels

Abigail Gubbels, Writer

Abigail Gubbels is a grade 11 student at KSS. She has lived in Kelowna for all of her life, and has played soccer for nearly as long. Her team takes up a large amount of her time, but she loves to try to fit in as many things as possible into her busy schedule.


Abby is extremely passionate about creative writing, and has written almost 75 000 words since grade 10. Her first novel’s rough draft is nearing completion, and she is starting to think about publishing as an option. As well, she enjoys complex cooking and baking, from replicating dishes from thai restaurants to making elaborate cupcakes. Her personal favourite recipe is currently a white chocolate mousse cake with raspberries. Though she doesn’t often have time, when she has a few days to spare she likes to go hiking, fishing, and camping across British Columbia. She can often be found hiking or running in Myra Bellevue provincial park with her family and friends. 


After high school, she hopes to be accepted into the mechanical engineering program at the University of Waterloo and play soccer as a varsity athlete. 

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Abigail Gubbels
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