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Xinyue Hagley is a mandarin name, because she was born in a place called Guilin, China, therefore she is learning Japanese in school. At this point in her life she has given up with being annoyed at her name. According to her parents, she froze in shock when she felt cold for the first time, that was the beginning of a long hatred for the cold, but also, a long hatred for winter wear. They’re conflicting hates. On the topic of hates Xinyue has many things she hates irrationally, taking medications, vitamins or pills is big. Xinyue’s favorite thing to do is read, even if she doesn't do it often. She reads fiction mainly. She however does not like dystopian books, and despite the fact that she likes reading and writing, she a bad speller. Another thing that Xinyue likes are animals. She likes some more than others, and hasn't had opportunities to meet a lot of animals (aside from dogs, cats, and some birds) but thinks most animals are at least interesting, she has less of an appreciation for bugs and arachnids, being arachnophobic. Her interests in animals has probably contributed to her interest in biology and the environments. Xinyue is pretty private, and an introvert but with her friends she is more outgoing. If she had one day on earth left she would probably try to spend it with her family, however if she were given one day left on earth, and was also the only person left on earth, she would probably just destroy and steal.

Xinyue Hagley, Staff Writer

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